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Find out what's already happening and consider what role you think you might want to play in working together with others to be as happy, healthy and independent as possible in later life.

Here you can read about recent news, examples of technological and social innovations and how they are enhancing people's lives, and hear the opinions of experts.

Many organisations and businesses are innovating to help older adults live more independent lives. But we feel there is still more to be done to ensure that services, products and businesses are ready to seize the opportunity

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Read the latest news from the Future Cities Catapult.

Clean and Cool Mission 2013 to Colorado image

Clean and Cool Mission 2013 to Colorado

‘Clean and Cool 2013’, a ‘mission’ to Colorado for early-stage and clean technology SMEs, opens for applications on 20 May.

Building Works Completed on Narec's Ground Breaking Offshore Wind Turbine Development Facility

Offshore Renewable Energy Building Works Completed on Narec's Ground... Independent centre to be the first to test next generation multi-megawatt turbines 02 May 2013...

Future Cities Catapult to be hosted in London

12 March 2013 Future Cities Catapult to be hosted in London A new Catapult centre that will help make cities become smarter and more...

Public rejects the ‘care home’ as an option for later life

Technology Strategy Board finds out what the public really thinks ahead of £2.7m investment to help revolutionise long-term care

Love and return thy neighbour for Christmas

By Catherine Dunn, Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales)

Helitune and University of Bristol win Best KTP Award

The Technology Strategy Board has today announced that Helitune, the University of Bristol and associates Steve Pollard and Richard Hunt are the winners of the Best...

Case study: Connector Media

Paula (57) and Maureen (70) are the founders of Connector Media, an organisation that improves employment, enterprise and wellbeing for over 50s, by helping older adults set up their own social...

Isolation among older adults, facing up to the challenge

Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation, and the Cabinet Office have launched the Ageing Well challenge which aims to tackle the often forgotten problem of isolation in later life. Constance Agyeman,...

Coalition rethink over Dilnot's £35,000 later life care cap

The Government reconsiders the advice of the Dilnot report, meaning the amount of money that people will have to pay towards the cost of their care in later life could still be capped at £35k....

Innovation in Action:  Gusto image

Innovation in Action: Gusto

Who was involved? Shropshire Council: Jo Kilcoyne, Arren Roberts, Ian Drysdale and Stephen Chandler People2People: Sarah Dillon and Mark Donovan Aim Gusto's vision is a...

Innovation in Action - the After Work Club image

Innovation in Action - the After Work Club

Who was involved? Emma Gasson, Deborah Szebeko and Zoe Bierman; thinkpublic, Karen Prothero and Ruth Baker; Fitness Industry Association, Howard Sharman; Consultant Aim To provide...

The importance of staying connected

  Anna Goodman from the Campaign to End Loneliness explains what they are doing to encourage local authorities to re-design policy and services to keep us connected in older age. It...

Growing older ... it's everyone's business image

Growing older ... it's everyone's business

As we grow older we'll want services that help us live our lives the way we want to. Through the Independence Matters programme we've worked with the Design Council to support seven services that...

It really is good to talk – A word from Mike Biddle on the Tomorrow Together campaign image

It really is good to talk – A word from Mike Biddle on the Tomorrow Together campaign

  Read the full article on the Huffington Post website here

The desire for social activity – Tomorrow Together in Mature Times image

The desire for social activity – Tomorrow Together in Mature Times

View the full article on the Mature Times website here  

Using creativity to help others

By Emily Cummins Emily is a 24 year old award-winning inventor. She was made famous by her creation of a sustainable fridge which is 'powered' by dirty water but keeps the contents dry,...

Design council exhibition

Five innovative new designs to improve quality of life for people living with dementia

The UK's seniors are a BENEFIT to the economy rather than a burden

The Mail reports that older adults are adding to the economy and will have fed in 80bn by 2030 - ...

Innovation in Action - Casserole

Casserole was started by Murtaza Abidi and social innovation company FutureGov. The project started in collaboration with Surrey County Council who were the first partners in the programme.

How can technology shape the way we care?

Modern family life demands modern, technological solutions to help us care. Social media, smartphones and online tools have brought about huge shifts in how many of us manage our lives - for work,...

Older adults online

 A BBC report finds that social media channels are not just for the young