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Find out what's already happening and consider what role you think you might want to play in working together with others to be as happy, healthy and independent as possible in later life.

Here you can read about recent news, examples of technological and social innovations and how they are enhancing people's lives, and hear the opinions of experts.

Many organisations and businesses are innovating to help older adults live more independent lives. But we feel there is still more to be done to ensure that services, products and businesses are ready to seize the opportunity

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Enrich - older adults and students learn together image

Enrich - older adults and students learn together

Who was involved? Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form Dr Helena Sustar, Design Ambassador Albion Road Assisted Living Centre Aim To design a service that would link older...

The Amazings - older adults share their skills

Who was involved? Sidekick Studios, AgeUK East London The Amazings Aim To create a service that supported people who were retired, or about to retire, stay active and connected in...