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Tomorrow Together is a campaign for you and this site is designed to give you a chance to spark a national conversation about the future needs of older adults and say why you think we need innovation. It's a place for you to discover the exciting things that are already happening through case studies, news stories, and video clips of experts - we also hope that you'll add your voice to the debate by sharing stories or information, and by offering your opinion.

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Facts and figures about the UK's demographic age shift are well documented. Together, individuals, businesses and government have the capacity and technology to begin creating the change we need to see tomorrow, today. Whether it's clever technology or smart social improvements, there is so much more potential for progression.

Technological and social innovations can play a huge part in helping us all live better lives in older age, but it's down to us to make it happen. Many organisations and businesses are innovating in this space, but do you think more can be done? What do you think is needed for older adults to live happier, more fulfilling and more independent lives?

Add your voice to the debate. It's time to take charge of our future - so let's start talking about tomorrow, together.

The Technology Strategy Board drives innovation in the UK by stimulating and inspiring businesses to consider what is required to fit the needs of the population and improve our lives as we grow older. Through its Assisted Living Innovation Platform, the Technology Strategy Board works with businesses, research organisations, charities and foundations, as well as a diversity of sectors to make things happen.